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Slovene euro coins

Each of the euro area countries can choose different designs for the reverse sides of the euro coins. The national side of the coin thus indicates the country of issue.

Slovenia selected the following designs for its euro coins:

2 euro
Dr. France Prešeren
File for print [3458, KB]
1 euro
Primož Trubar
File for print [3237, KB]
50 cents
File for print [3358, KB]
20 cents
File for print [3231, KB]
10 cents
Plečnik's project of Slovenia's parliament
File for print [2558, KB]
5 cents
The Sower
File for print [2556, KB]
2 cents
Duke's throne
File for print [2090, KB]
1 cent
File for print [1396, KB]

Detailed description of slovenian coins [pdf, 6278 Kb]

The selection process for the national side of the Slovene euro coins

The first stage of the selection process started in April 2004, involving preliminary discussions with numismatists, designers and experts. The general public was also invited through the mass media to participate in a public tender concerning proposals of motifs (132 tenderers proposed 699 motifs). A special expert commission (9 different individual experts and members of different institutions, including the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Slovenia) dealt with the proposals and the process. The second stage of selection started when the Government of the Republic of Slovenia confirmed the commission's decision that invitations would be addressed to some prominent designers for the production of designs.

The commission invited five well-known Slovene designers. A special jury of reputable Slovene artists, designers, professors and connoisseurs of Slovene cultural heritage was appointed to review and assess the designs submitted for the Slovene euro coins. The commission of the Bank of Slovenia and Ministry of Finance unanimously agreed with the proposed selected designs prepared by Mr Miljenko Licul, along with Ms Maja Licul and Mr Janez Boljka. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia gave their consent and adopted the decision on 28 July 2005 to submit the selected design proposals for the national side of the Slovene euro coins to ECOFIN (Economic and Financial Committee) - Coins Sub-Committee, which acknowledged the compliance of the Slovene design proposals with European legislation on 5 October 2005.