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15 January 2007
Celebration "A Welcome to the Euro"

Following the introduction of euro on 1 January 2007, Slovenia will commemorate the historic event together with the rest of Europe on 15 January with a special celebration. Prime minister of Slovenia Janez Janša has invited prime ministers from all European Union states and the president of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso to Ljubljana, where a ceremony entitled "A Welcome to the Euro" will be held on the 15. January 2006. Slovene Finance minister Andrej Bajuk has likewise invited his colleagues and the Commissioner for Economic and Monetary affairs Joaquin Almunia to participate in the festive occasion.

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1 January 2007
Press Conference
Government Press Centre, Gregorčičeva 20, Ljubljana - at 5 pm

Minister of Finance Andrej Bajuk, Governor of the Bank of Slovenia Mitja Gaspari, Member of the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia Božo Jašovič and Co-Chairman of the National Changeover Board Sibil Svilan will examine, how the project of euro introduction was realized.

Please, confirm your attendance at the following e-mail address:

1 January 2007
Celebratory withdrawal of euro-cash from an ATM
Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), Trg republike 2, Ljubljana - at 0:30 am

Minister of Finance Andrej Bajuk will on 1. January 2007 at 00:30 hour withdraw euro-cash from an ATM in the NLB bank at Trg republike 2, Ljubljana.

Application for the photo session is to be sent to Ms. Sabina Kranjec at the following e-mail address:

31 December 2006
Statement by the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia Mitja Gaspari
Bank of Slovenia, Slovenska 35, Ljubljana - at 24:00

The Governor of the Bank of Slovenia Mitja Gaspari will give a statement regarding the introduction of euro on 31 December 2006 - at midnight, in the premises of the Bank of Slovenia on Slovenska cesta 35, Ljubljana. On occasion he will also exchange tolars for euros at the cashier's desk of the Bank of Slovenia, which will for the general public be exchanging the two currencies until 01:00 am on 1 January 2007.

29 December 2006
Press Conference of Bank of Slovenia and the Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance, Župančičeva 3, Ljubljana - at 11 am

The governor of the Bank of Slovenia Mitja Gaspari and Minister of Finance Andrej Bajuk will present the course of preparations of the euro introduction in Slovenia.

Bank of Slovenia: Gordana Pipan
(tel.: 00 386 31 371 507; e-mail:
Ministry of Finance: Sabina Kranjec
(tel. 00 386 051 608 404; e-mail:

27 - 31 December 2006
Information point in the centre of Ljubljana

As a part of its nationwide euro-introduction communication campaign, comprising among other things of presentations in primary schools and retirement homes and complemented by daily information booths in shopping centres and fairs, the Government PR and Media Office opened on Wednesday, 27 December 2006, its central information point located on the Prešeren Square in the centre of Ljubljana.

Its location promises a high frequency of passers-by, who will on demand get first hand information regarding the introduction of euro in Slovenia and receive free publications and promotional materials on the topic at hand.