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19 October 2007
Prizma 2007 awarded to the national communication campaign "The euro - for all of us"
At the recent 11th Slovenian Conference on Public Relations, which took place between 17 and 19 October 2007 in Terme Olimia, the Government Communication Office and the Bank of Slovenia were awarded the PRIZMA 2007 award for communication excellence in the national campaign supporting the introduction of the euro - "The Euro - for All of Us".

31 May 2007
Another Flash Eurobarometer survey after the introduction of the euro in Slovenia
Following the successful introduction of the euro the European Commission also conducted another survey in April with the general public - Flash Eurobarometer 208.

4 May 2007
Slovenia's changeover to the euro - a clear success
The changeover to the euro in Slovenia was a swift and smooth affair and although the price of some goods and services increased, overall inflation has remained broadly stable, shows a Communication adopted by the Commission four months after Slovenia became the 13th member of the euro area. For the other countries waiting to adopt the euro, the experience shows that the 'Big Bang' approach - i.e. irrevocable locking of the exchange rate and simultaneous introduction of the euro banknotes and coins - works and that a two-week dual circulation period is sufficient provided that the changeover is well and timely prepared. In some aspects, e.g. return of legacy cash, Slovenia even performed better than when the euro cash was introduced in 2002, thereby minimising costs and burdens on businesses.

26 March 2007
Slovenians queue for commemorative euro coins
People were standing in line in front of the Slovenian central bank on Monday morning to get their hands on the limited-issue commemorative euro coins marking the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The two-euro coin was issued in all 13 eurozone states, including Slovenia, which adopted the single currency on 1 January this year. It is the first euro coin commemorating the same event to be issued throughout the eurozone.

5 March 2007
Consumer Guardian: More Price Hikes in Services Sector
The Slovenian Consumers' Association has found that that the services sector heads the list of euro-related price hikes. According to its statics, services were far more frequently to blame for euro-related price hikes than products. Findings of its Pricewatch project of price monitoring suggest what official consumer price index statistics have also shown: that there was more price increases following the adoption of the euro among providers of services than among retailers. While admitting significant differences in the type of study, head of the Slovenian Consumers' Association Breda Kutin told the press on Monday that there was nevertheless a pattern that emerged from both sets of data.

2 March 2007
In February 2007 monthly inflation at -0.2%, annual inflation at 2.1%.
In the second month of this year deflation was recorded as compared to a month earlier consumer prices fell by 0.2%. The fall in prices was the result of lower prices of both goods and services. Goods were on average 0.2% cheaper: prices of non-durable goods fell by 0.3% and of durable goods by 0.1%, while prices of semi-durable goods went up by 0.1%. While in the previous three months prices of services increased, this time they decreased on average by 0.1%.

1 March 2007
Commission-Free Exchange of Tolars at Banks Ends
Banks, postal offices and savings banks will be able to charge commission for changing tolars into euros as of Friday as 1 March marks the last day of two-month period in which they had to provide the service free of charge.

7 February 2007
Euro Adoption Went Smoothly, Government Agrees
The euro changeover in Slovenia was carried out without problems and according to plans, the government agreed at Wednesday's session. This proves that the preparations for the adoption of the euro were thorough, says the report on the euro switch adopted by the cabinet.

6 February 2007
Banks Start Commission for Coin Deposits
Slovenian banks started cutting commission for coin deposits after they came under fire from companies which mainly operate with coins for the exorbitant fees.

30 January 2007
Eurogroup Not to Take Decision over Slovenia's Labour Force
The head of the Eurogroup does not think the group could take any decision regarding a lifting of restrictions on the movement of Slovenian workers in the EU now that the country has joined the group of euro nations.

15 January 2007
Ceremony: Slovenia and EU Winners of Euro's Arrival in Slovenia
Slovenia ushered in the euro with a high-profile ceremony befitting of the keynote speakers' words about a historic event for the country as well as the whole of the EU. Dozens of senior European officials were on hand for the event in Ljubljana on Monday, which took place as Slovenia said a final farewell to the tolar, its currency of 15 years.

15 January 2007
Euro Conference Stresses Benefits, Challenges of Euro
A conference held as part of official euro celebrations in Ljubljana on Monday was told that Slovenia stands to enjoy extensive benefits from adopting the euro, although it must also be mindful of the challenges ahead.

15 January 2007
Euro Fever to Reach Peak at Special Ceremony
The euphoria surrounding the arrival of the euro in Slovenia is to culminate with a massive ceremony in Ljubljana on Monday, the day the Slovenian tolar ceases to be legal tender, featuring a host of top European officials.

14 January 2007
The Tolar Goes into Retirement
Sunday marks the final day of the two-week period of dual circulation that started when Slovenia introduced the euro as legal tender on 1 January. As of Monday all transactions will have to be carried out in euros and the tolar will bid farewell after a brief but eventful 15 years as the national currency.

12 January 2007
The Euro to Be Celebrated with Fanfare
Two weeks after the adoption of the euro and on the day the Slovenian tolar ceases to be legal tender, Slovenia will celebrate the historical event on Monday with a red carpet ceremony that will feature some senior European officials. Among those expected to be in attendance for the event are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jose Manual Barroso, European Central Bank Governor Jean-Claude Trichet and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker.

5 January 2007
European Commission Lauds Euro Changeover
The European Commission on Friday applauded Slovenia's changeover to the euro as swift and problem-free. "Slovenia's adoption of the euro is taking place in a very swift and smooth manner. This shows that Slovenians were able to benefit from the experience of the first group of countries that launched EU monetary union but is also testimony of their excellent preparation," European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said.

1 January 2007
Euro changeover according to plans
At 4 pm on 1 January 2007, 1,400 automated teller machines were operational which represents 92% of the ATM network. There were 17,233 withdrawals recorded totalling 770,000 euros with an average of 45 euros per withdrawal. The balance on accounts was checked by 14,043 inhabitants. This key information was released by the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia, Mr Mitja Gaspari, at today's press conference. The Minister of Finance, Mr Andrej Bajuk, pointed out that the introduction of the euro was running as planned and commended Slovenians for their moderate and reasonable behaviour in the transition to a new currency.

1 January 2007
Euro Arrives in Slovenia with a Bang
At the stroke of the New Year Slovenia formally scrapped its national currency, the tolar, to adopt the euro and become the 13th member of the eurozone, in what has been labelled as a historical step for Slovenia as well as the EU. The transition went smoothly and people can already withdraw crisp euros from ATMs.

29 December 2006
Finance Minister, Central Bank Governor upbeat about euro switch
With only three days left before Slovenia adopts the euro, Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk and Banka Slovenije Governor Mitja Gaspari said they were optimistic about the changeover. "We are convinced that we have set up the infrastructure and distributed sufficient information to solve problems that are bound to crop up in real time," Bajuk told the press in Ljubljana.

29 December 2006
Announcement of a statement by the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia Mitja Gaspari on 31 December 2006
The Governor of the Bank of Slovenia Mitja Gaspari will give a statement regarding the introduction of euro on 31 December 2006 - at midnight, in the premises of the Bank of Slovenia on Slovenska cesta 35, Ljubljana. On occasion he will also exchange tolars for euros at the cashier's desk of the Bank of Slovenia, which will for the general public be exchanging the two currencies until 01:00 am on 1 January 2007.

28 December 2006
Barroso and Almunia Congratulate Slovenia on Euro
The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Almunia, have congratulated Slovenia on its accession to the eurozone, expressing their belief that the changeover will "run smoothly" and that the euro is a "great opportunity" for Slovenia.

27 December 2006
Retailers Told to Stock Euro Cash
With just five days to go before the euro becomes legal tender, the Bank Association of Slovenia on Wednesday said retailers were being slow to stock up on euro coins and bills which they will need in the first few days after New Year's.

23 December 2006
Service Stations to Suspend Operations Due to Euro Changeover
Around-the-clock service stations across Slovenia will close for a while in the night to New Year's Day in order to customize their software and operations for the launch of the euro as the official currency.

21 December 2006
Slovenia's countdown to the euro
With only ten days to go before Slovenia adopts the euro, the final practical changeover preparations are well under way and everybody, from the banks to the retail sector and consumers themselves, seems to be ready. Commercial banks and retailers have received, or are about to, euro banknotes and coins and since last week households have also been able to procure themselves 'mini-kits' to familiarise themselves with the euro.

20 December 2006
Survey: Slovenians Well Informed About Euro Changeover
Counting down the final days to the euro changeover, the majority of Slovenians feel they are sufficiently informed about the details concerning the adoption of the new currency, a survey commissioned by Bank of Slovenia, the central bank, revealed on Wednesday.

15 December 2006
Banks Start Selling Euro Coin Starter Sets
Banks on Friday started selling starter sets of Slovenian euro coins in a bid to help Slovenians get used to the new currency. One pack costs SIT 3,000 and contains 44 coins of all denominations worth EUR 12.52.

14 December 2006
The Slovenian Consumers' Association published the black list of price hikes
National postal company Posta Slovenije and retailer Spar top the black list of companies at which price hikes were recorded before the 1 January euro changeover, the Slovenian Consumers' Association (ZPS) said on Thursday.

12 December 2006
Publication "Evro pred vrati!" was released
The Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Bank of Slovenia prepared a common informative brochure entitled "Evro pred vrati" ("The Euro on Your Doorstep"), that will in the following days be delivered to Slovenian citizens by post. The purpose of this last common publication is to present crucial information regarding the immanent introduction of euro.

7 December 2006
ECB Chief Praises Slovenia's Preparations for the Euro
The president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Jean-Claude Trichet praised the Slovenian central bank and the government for the job they have done in preparation for the 1 January adoption of the euro. "They have shown model cooperation with the ECB and other European institutions," Trichet said.

7 December 2006
Government Tells Ministries Not to Use Euro Switch to Raise Fees
The government on Thursday made the commitment not to use the changeover to the euro to increase fees and contributions determined in regulations and other legal acts that it adopts or which it can influence. All ministries and government departments have been ordered to honour the commitment until 30 June 2007.

7 December 2006
Business Chambers Ask Companies to Pledge Price Restraint
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) and Chamber of Craft Industries (OZS) urged Slovenian companies to sign up to a euro price code. Companies adhering to the code will pledge not to raise their prices as part of the upcoming euro changeover.

28 November 2006
Slovenia Brings Clear Message to Eurozone
"Slovenia brings a simple and clear message to the eurozone - God's blessing on all nations", Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk said as he opened in Brussels on Tuesday an exhibition entitled Slovenia and the euro.

24 November 2006
Euro Act Enters into Force
The act on the euro, which defines the procedures during Slovenia's changeover to the euro as a national currency on 1 January 2007, entered into force.

14 November 2006
Presentation of the Communications Campaign Accompanying the Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia
The advertising campaign entitled /®e raèunate na evro?/ ("Are You Counting on the Euro?"), which began recently, is intended to supplement regular communication activities, and inform the public about three key issues, namely that:

  • the new coins are not small change, but have considerable value,
  • the new currency brings new values that will take some getting used to
  • the changeover does not mean higher prices, but that people should check prices, and the change returned, and pay attention to unfair rounding or calculating of amounts.

19 October 2006
Chamber Warns Small Firms to Gear up for Euro
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) has warned small companies to get serious about getting ready for the adoption of the euro, which is less than three months away.

11 October 2006
Parliamentary Committee Endorses Euro Bill
The parliament's committee on finance and monetary policy endorsed the euro bill, which defines the procedures during Slovenia's changeover to the euro as a national currency, which is scheduled for 1 January 2007.

8 October 2006
Survey: Slovenians Fear Price Hikes after Euro Changeover
Slovenians fear price hikes, incorrect rounding-up of prices and loss of purchasing power after the euro replaces the Slovenian tolar on 1 January 2007, show the results of a survey, commissioned by the central bank.

25 September 2006
Pricewatch Finds No Significant Price Increases
The prices of products and services that the Slovene Consumers' Association is monitoring under the Pricewatch project remained mostly unchanged between May and August, the association announced. According to Breda Kutin, the head of the Slovene Consumers' Association, prices of 300 surveyed goods rose by 0.06% on average in the May-August period. Since February, there has been a 0.6% rise in prices, Kutin added.

20 July 2006
Government Adopts Euro Bill
The cabinet has adopted the euro bill that paves the way for Slovenia's switch to the single currency on 1 January 2007. The bill defines the procedures during the country's switch to the euro as a national currency, Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk explained after Thursday's cabinet session.

11 July 2006
Communiqué of the European central bank and the Banka Slovenije

11 July 2006
Honouring Slovenia's Entry to the Eurozone
On Tuesday, 11 July 2006, after the meeting of financial and economic ministers (ECOFIN) at which Slovenia is expected to receive final confirmation on its entry to the Eurozone, an event in honour of this occasion will take place at Rond-Point Schuman, Brussels. The event will be jointly organised by the European Commission and the Government PR and Media Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

28 June 2006
Commission proposes the euro conversion rate for Slovenia
The European Commission today proposed that with effect from 1 January 2007 the euro will replace Slovenia's currency, the tolar, at the fixed and irrevocable conversion rate of 239.640 tolars for one euro. This is the central rate at which the tolar entered ERMII two years ago and at which the tolar-euro exchange rate has stayed close ever since. The decision on the conversion rate must be taken by the euro area finance ministers together with Slovenia during the next Ecofin Council on July 11.

22 June 2006
Third report on practical preparations for the euro: Commission urges Slovenia to speed up final steps
With only six months to go before the expected adoption of the euro, the European Commission today urged Slovenia to step up the final preparations for a successful introduction of the single currency expected to take place on 1 January 2007.

12 June 2006
Exhibition of € - banknotes and € - coins
From 12 June to 12 July 2006 the National Museum of Slovenia is hosting an exhibition of euro banknotes and coins. The exhibition, organised by the European Central Bank and the European Commission, presents the banknotes and coins of the single European currency, the progress of the design competition for the national and European sides of the euro coins, and the currency changeover procedure in 2002.

16 May 2006
European Commission and ECB propose Slovenia to adopt the euro in January 2007
The European Commission and European Central Bank (ECB) released separate assessments of Slovenia's readiness to join the eurozone as of 1 January 2007. Both institutions gave Slovenia the thumbs up thereby paving the way for it to become the first among the countries that joined the EU in May 2004 to adopt the euro.

Slovenija, 17 March 2006
International Conference on Euro
The European Commission and the Slovenian authorities organised a key conference on governance in the European Economic Monetary Union (EMU) and on Slovenia's preparations for adopting the euro.