This website was active from February 2006 until June 2007.
Introduction of the euro in Slovenia
Euro banknotes and coins
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15 January 2007
Euro Conference in Grand Hotel Union

15 January 2007
Welcome to Euro Ceremony

1 January 2007
Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk was one of the first people to withdraw crisp euro bills from an ATM in the centre of Ljubljana

1 January 2007
At the stroke of the New Year Slovenia formally scrapped its national currency, the tolar, to adopt the euro

31 December 2006
Central bank governor Mitja Gaspari just minutes after midnight exchanged tolars for euros at the cashier's desk of the Bank of Slovenia

15 December 2006
Banks started selling starter sets of Slovenian euro coins

28 November 2006
An exhibition 'Slovenia and the euro' opened in Brussels

automn 2006
Distribution of informative brochures and promotional material in big shopping centres nationwide

11 July 2006
Honouring Slovenia's Entry to the Eurozone